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Meet Huey and Gang


Huey, a male Mallard duck hatched on 4/2/11, was delivered to us on 4/4/2011 (left photo-4 days old). During the trip to us the shipping company truck had mechanical failure and was immobilized for an unknown time. Out of 12 ducklings, Huey was the only to survive. It was amazing he made it, the duckling was not lethargic or weak, but wide eyed, thirsty and hungry. The supplier then sent us a new shipment of 12 Mallard ducklings and arrived on 4/12/2011 (Right photo-4 days old), full of spirit and ready for drinks and eat. Huey was not happy at first as he lay flat, wings spread out, on the feed feed plate turning 180 degrees from left to right defending his chow. He was overwhelmed with the ducklings and soon gave in. We will continue to keep this part of the article updated of Huey and Friends as they grow and eventually make way to the freshwater pond. The following video is the guys first time out for a swim:

Update - 13 May, 2011 "At The Pool"

Huey and his gang are coming along well. Sprouting wings and getting the colors. They are now 35 days old, with Huey being 12 days older. The following video is the guys just going crazy in the pool.

Update - 23 May, 2011 "Release the Quacks"

It was an exciting day, watching the guys finally released to the fresh water pond. To this day they stay together as a group and if one is far behind they all make sure the wonderer gets back to the group. One client reported; All the ducks were standing full height staring between his site and his neighbors. The sound of bustling webbed feet passed him and the mallard returned to the gang. He said "he never laughed so hard".

Update - 21 Aug, 2011 "Taking Flight"
The following video was taken on 03 July, 2011 (need to still verify date). The guys have been testing out there wings and some very funny landings. There landings, if I were able to catch them on video, would have made a great Blooper reel.

The guys now have Full Flight Clearance and can be seen flying all around the park. There flight formation has not been achieved yet as they dodge each other coming and going. However, they are getting better. There colors are at full bloom and are beautiful to watch in or above the pond. To this date they continue to be a tight nit group and spend there evenings all huddled together. When they see the golf cart near the pond the roar of quacking begins, as they know it is chow time. I made the mistake of going to one end of the pond, closest to the road, and there they were. They could only assume it was another meal on wheels and the quacking began. I started back to the office and noticed them following me on foot. Not wanting them to cross the road I stepped on the accelerator only to see them take flight and follow me overhead. Making it back to the office, I raced for the duck feed as they circled above me and made my way back to the pond. As I began putting out the feed, it was like a squadron of aircraft coming in for there landings and taxing towards me. What I learned? Never go to the pond in the golf cart without duck feed!

In the following photos, the guys are 4 months and 19 days old. Click on any thumbnail image for a full size preview. Next, move your mouse over the top, right and left side, to navigate using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons.

They are now fourth generation Grandparents and roam the park bringing smiles to all. 


Mallard Hen Ducklings

More to come...


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